Pastor Devin Westbrook


Rev. Devin D. Westbrook, Sr. is a native of Memphis, TN. He is a licensed and ordained minister who has served the Southwind community for over 14 years by hosting Creative Arts Camps for students 5 years to 16 years of age. For 10 years Westbrook served in the role of a Family and Community Engagement Specialist as a school district employee. By using innovative and nonjudgmental methods, many souls have come to Christ under his leadership. Westbrook is an advocate for youth and young adults who truly believes that building a relationship and respecting youth first is the key to making life-long disciples. 


Pastor Devin studied at Lancaster Bible College via Memphis Center for Urban Theological Studies, where he earned his Bachelors of Science in Biblical Studies degree. In 2018 he completed Graduate study at Union University, obtaining his Masters degree in Urban Christian Studies. He served as Youth Outreach Specialist and Youth Pastor for Westwood Youth Development/Mt. Vernon Baptist Church for three years. He also served as the Youth Pastor of Lake Grove M.B. Church. In both positions, he is accredited for building enthusiasm within the youth ministries, fostering relationships in the community at-large, being a role-model, and bringing families back to the body of Christ. While grateful for the many accomplishments in both the Westwood and North Memphis communities, Pastor Westbrook feels a strong calling to the community in which he resides. God has ordained him to reach an unreached group of people in the Southwind community, which includes but is not limited to young adult couples, broken families, and unchurched youth. 


“Don’t tell me who you’re over until you tell me who you’re under.” Dr. R.A. Vernon. Pastor Devin’s spiritual father and mentor is Dr. Vernon, the founder and Senior Pastor  of the Word Church. As a son understanding the importance of mentorship, Pastor Devin gleans from the wisdom of Dr. Vernon in such areas as creative leadership, guidance, and spiritual direction. 


Pastor Westbrook is married to Mrs. Samantha Westbrook and they have five children; Devin Jr., Miyah, Kayla, Christion, and David Christopher.